"Oh to Grace how great a debtor
daily I'm constrained to be.
Let thy goodness, like a fetter
bind my wandering heart to Thee!"

Monday, October 1, 2007

A Poem

Lord, Your words alone are sufficient to feed Your sheep.
And as I sit here and write this, I weep.
Its overbearing right now Lord, I need you to keep
me close by, because right now my knees are weak.
You tell those that labor and are heavy laden to come, well its about the 12th time this week.
But here I am Lord, broken, lowly and meek.
Hoping you find favor for a servant in need.
Who sees the importance of planting the seeds,
but is stumbling over the fact that she’s incapable of these deeds.
I said I'M uncapable, but then that’s where I read
that nothing is impossible with you, Lord, I just have to believe,
Because You do the work, God, not me.
I just have to keep my eyes fixed on You, I have to continue to seek.
Especially during this time when you switch me from milk to solid meat.
This is deep. For some reason you’ve chosen me and allowed me to see,
now my eyes are opened up so wide that im finally taking heed
to the deceptions of this world, but Lord why me?
Its definitely bitter sweet.
Because the closer I get to you, the more evil you allow me to see.
Its everywhere...in my own heart and in the people I see in the streets.
Everywhere I look or I turn its right there ready to greet
me at the door, ready to meet me in the store, in my class or at the dorm
Oh Lord, its getting bleak!
So many lost souls who are prideful and don’t know what else to seek,
so they turn to the happiness of the world that’s so quick to fleet.
Then they are left with nothing, yea they may have food on the table to eat.
But time will tell just how well they prepared their souls to reap
just exactly what they sowed, because judgement day is on the creep.
I used to do the same until, Lord, You rescued me.
And I pray now that you find me worthy of the calling that I have received,
so that I truly count the cost of what it means to believe.
It's true. My family, my friends, my whole life I have got to be ready to leave,
Because at any moment You could call me to serve You on the other side of the seas.
Lord, I pray tonight you hear my cry and I pray You see my grief.
I'm struggling over the times when Your commands I didn’t keep.
But I thank God for this heavy soul because I know where godly sorrow leads,
and that’s to repentance Lord and then salvation it will reap.
What a blessing don’t you see, I confess to You from me,
that Im an unworthy sinner, but thanks to You I was predestined to be
a follower of the Way, You put the lamp unto my feet
and light up the darkest allies, its like my life is on repeat.
Because over and over it happens, I feel the panic attacking me
and then all of a sudden here comes Your Scripture there to always bring me peace.
Pointing out that whatever it is I go through its right in front of me to read
Because they say it in Psalms, "as we have heard, so we have seen."
My old selfish nature is gone, God intervened and told it to leave.
Even though we still battle, I know the flesh is ultimately in defeat.
And I love you so much Lord, but I can do no justice to You in the least.
Theres no way that I can repay what You did that one night upon that tree,
and I pray Lord that you will constantly remind me of Calvary
so that I may never lose sight of it Lord, please always help me to see
myself for what I am, and that’s in total depravity.
And while most pray for strength, Lord, tonight I pray that you keep me weak
so that I wont get complacent and forget to seek
the Holy God of the Scriptures who gives grace to the humble and meek.
Your word is sufficient Lord, I pray that You continue to feed your sheep.

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