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daily I'm constrained to be.
Let thy goodness, like a fetter
bind my wandering heart to Thee!"

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What Is The Link Between God's Word and New Age Heresy? The Emerging Church.

Click on this image below to go to a document that shows just how the truths of God's Word have been twisted and distorted to bring about a completely different religion altogether, which we refer to as "New Age" or "New Spirituality." False religions are everywhere though, so why is this one any different or more concerning? Because it is creeping into today's "evangelicalism" at a FRIGHTENING rate. In case you don't know much about this man-centered, man-made religion here is a quote on it....

"The hope of the New Age faith, or New Spirituality, is that when this One Humanity has achieved its 'divine potential' and all separation has been purged from the world, then world problems such as 'tribalism' and poverty and hatred and violence will be left behind. The world will then be transformed by this New Humanity into a divine new world of peace, love, good will, and sharing where everyone can be free to worship his own inner (immanent) 'God' of his own understanding in his own way. The call for this New Age 'kingdom of God' is now being so widely heeded, even in today's Christianity, that the building of humanity's Ark of Oneness is suddenly nearing completion."

-Tamara Hartzell

One might read that and say, that has nothing to do with the Bible, how is that linked with Christianity at all??? Logically, one would think that something that teaches the opposite of God's word wouldn't even stand a chance in the church. Wrong. So what has made this New Age shift possible within "Christianity?" Three words for you: THE EMERGING CHURCH. Take a look at this document and see exactly how the Emerging Church is an open door for all this heresy to enter into what we are calling evangelical Christianity in America (which, by the way, is no Christianity at all.) The obvious, clear-cut line between true Biblical Christianity and heretical, blasphemous New Age is being completely muddled and blurred by the Emerging Church, deceiving hundreds of thousands of people. These people are subtly mixing Christian dialogue with New Age beliefs, and the result is the most dangerous and downright deceptive road to eternal destruction. There is one God to be served and worshiped and who deserves all the glory in the universe, and He is the God of the Bible, not some ambiguous god of our 'inner beings' that is different for each person. Ew.

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Jen2 said...

wow..there's a "how heresy came to be" chart!
hokey pete.....
it's so subtle.

I have to say one of my favorite things my pastor has said that when people come up to him all up in arms about the emergent church -he just doesn't track with them.
He said "it's a faith that is like jello.....you ever tried to nail jello to a tree or anything solid...it doesn't work. So also, when tragedy strikes, death or illness or persecution, the jello that is the emergent church will not stand....jello doesn't work there."

(not an exact quote, but the gist of it from my pastor John Piper.)